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With 1 billion wedding photographers available...why me?

Why should you hire me when there are so many (I am not afraid to say it) AMAZING photographers at your fingertips?!

Because I have a really cool hair cut, tattoos, and am really nice?!!! YES!

Ok...NO. While that is me, it obviously has nothing to do with YOU.

YOU are why you should go with me. Your memories are far too important to leave in just any capable photographers hands. Your experience on your wedding day is far too valuable to gamble it.

I met with a wedding planner (that I love and look up to) recently and they challenged me to raise my prices for what I do and give. And basically told me that I am undervaluing my packages. WOWZA! But they aren't wrong.

First of all, I am not changing my prices yet...

Here is what I know I am not or have not been good at. EXPLAINING EVERYTHING THAT MY COUPLES GET with each and every package that you can't really bullet point.


EXPERIENCE! My couples get an experience that they won't get with anyone else.

Let's start with the beginning. Making sure we vibe and connect is the most important before we book packages. Yes, even more so than money! Because you will spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographer. We need to vibe!

Including an engagement session in every package is a must so it's on the house. This is where you both get to not only feel comfortable in front of my camera but realize what badass models you are and that you totally chose the wrong professions and should go into modeling. (hehehe)

We will plan your engagement session around who you are as a couple, consult on outfit choices, locations and all the details that will fill the session and make it a true experience you will both love. You will laugh, get silly, feel sexy, be romantic, and walk away with way too many incredible images to choose from!

Also, this is where I learn so much. You two and your relationship are unique and capturing your personalities is an absolute must. There is no shooting two weddings the same!

Your wedding timeline! If you deside to not go the planner route I have your back on this and will help you create one based on what YOU want on your day. Also, feel free to ask all the questions between your engagement session and wedding day. I am there for all of it! Lean on your vendors...the've done the wedding thing a time or two which is why you went with them. It doesn't have to be all on you.

We can talk about all the basics as well...

Equipment used

How many images you get for both engagement and wedding day

How many photographers you need

How many hours you need

Etc. Etc. Etc.

And I defiantly DO want to talk about all of that but ON YOUR WEDDING DAY...

Now say this one with me...

You deserve to feel comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day!

You deserve to have fun and not feel posed the entire day!

You deserve to have that moment captured when your 85 yr old grandmother lost it when she saw you.

You deserve to have the FULL EXPERIENCE.

TRUTH BOMB!....Money can't buy those times back.

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