MONOCHROMATIC is the new Black

Honestly, this may be my favorite blog to bring you all to date. As you may know, I have started a monthly series of photos throughout the year 2021. It is colorful. It is fun. It is Monochromatic.

With the past year we have all had, a little color will do everyone some good! So, I present to you, Monochromatic: Pink Edition.

When I say this was so much fun, I mean THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN.

Pink is fun, bright, and just gets everyone in the giggly mood.

There are a ton of reasons why I loved this shoot.

  1. I get to see the fun outfits everyone picks out. Pink on Pink on Pink can get so fun, yet tricky, and everyone had some stellar outfits.

  2. I get real, raw time with my clients. I get to hang out, hear about their lives, make them laugh, and just enjoy them!

  3. The photos came out AMAZING! These are the perfect pictures to hang in the house for a pop of color. You can add them to a resume to stand out, or just have some fun pictures.

This color was so fun, but on to the next, G R E E N!!!

Check out my website for the latest sign ups on colors - stick around and enjoy!

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