15 Things you NEED to know about Scottie & Me

1. What is your & Scottie's enneagram?

My enneagram is almost tied for top 3. (7,4,3)

7 Enthusiast (the busy, fun-loving, spontaneous, versatile, distractible, scattered)

4 Individualist (the sensitive, withdrawn, expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed)

3 Achiever (success oriented, adaptive, excelling, driven, image conscious)

Scottie isn’t the self assessment type although I am getting him to take the enneagram. He just wouldn’t ever think to take a self assessment test. If I had to guess he would be a 7, 4, and 9(peacemaker). His personality is all about fun but he is the most loyal person I have met when it comes to relationships in general. He is very much a go with the flow person as well as an educator at heart.

2. Do you have any pets? If so, what is your pet's name?

We do have a German Shepherd/Catahoula (at least we think, we’ve never had a dna test) his name is Jango Reinhardt (after the Jazz musician) but we call him Reinhardt. He is 11 yrs old and losing his hearing and he is so patient with our 16 month old son. The best big brother we could ever ask for. When he was younger people used to ask if he was part greyhound because he was the fastest dog of any bunch, his passion was running.

3. What is your go-to drink on a Friday night?

A Friday night is like a Monday night or any other day to me since we have a son, and I am always working. So If I have a drink it will be a beer (an ipa) or a glass of red wine. Now if Scottie and I are on a date, at The Order, I will have one or two of their Smoked Old Fashioned…. Scottie is a whiskey guy…but it has to be nice.

4. If you could live in one fictional world, like Gossip Girl or Big Bang Theory, where would you live?

Ohhhhh this is an interesting question. And to over answer… I am a little weird about shows. They stress me out if there is any drama whatsoever or bad decisions being made over and over again. So, I asked Scottie what he thought I would like and he said Peter Pan Never Never Land. He was right. I have always thought I wanted to never really grow up and keep that sense of childish wonder.

5. What is one famous friend group you would LOVE to be a part of? (Ex: Friends)

Again, great question. None! Sounds silly but I was trying to think of any one and had to ask Scottie again. He hit the nail on the head. Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Scottie would be a Bear Grylls kind of guy.

6. What do you like to eat for breakfast?

I am an egg and avocado, avocado toast, or egg white bites from Starbucks kind of girl. And coffee, always coffee. But I have to drink decaf for the most part or a peppermint Americano. Scottie loves smoothies for breakfast with cold brew coffee. We both drink our coffees black.

7. What is something we do not know about you?

I am crazy competitive when it comes to anything sport related and I love skee ball & bingo! I also love winning things, even small things like a dollar from a scratch ticket.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People talking badly about others behind their backs. Let's lift each other up instead of wasting our time doing the opposite. Also, close minded people and slow drivers.

9. How many pillows do you sleep with?

Very important question. I have lots of pillows on the bed, but I sleep with one good one under my neck and head but I have to have one beside me in case my baby boy wakes up in the middle of the night and I need to bring him to bed. We have a king size bed and after having Banks (our son) in our bed we sleep on opposite sides of the bed and always leave room for him.

10. Where is one place you could visit over, and over, and over again?

An art museum. I kept trying to think about a land mass location but we love to travel but when I read the question out loud Scottie said Art Museum and he is right again. This guy knows me.

11. Do you enjoy summer or winter more?

Summer!!! We love it hot!

12. Which social media platform is your favorite?

Facebook because I am comfortable knowing what to post on that platform but I like spending time on instagram a bit more.

13. What is your favorite fast food joint?

I am not much for fast food. But I will stop at Starbucks everyday.

14. Most weekends, what do you do?

The weekends are normally booked with shoots. However, if I have time to spend with my family we will be outside.

15. What is the most memorable photoshoot you have ever done?

Scottie and I were in Kansas City or St. Louis (can’t remember) and I wanted to go into an industrial area to get some cool texture images. And this guy calls out to us from the inside of an open garage door of a giant warehouse and says “you wanna see a 40ft shark?” This man looked homeless. At first I contemplated it thinking that this is how horror movies start but I ended up saying yes. Scottie and I followed him into the dark warehouse and there was in fact a 40 ft shark hanging from the ceiling along with many other movie/bar props that filled the entire place. It was dirty and there were half finished projects everywhere along with piles of smoked cigarette butts. He took us into a couple different rooms and the entire place was a treasure trove of crap and a potential for the best journalistic imagery.

We talked to the guy for a while and his story was pretty incredible. I ended up taking his portrait and it is still one of my favorite images. We call him woody but that was a name in a story he told us.

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