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Wedding videography


everyone has their own unique story! we love capturing every detail and important moment in an artistic way.

Video allows for you to get fully immersed in the sounds, remember your mom crying tears of joy or hearing your husband react to the letter you wrote him. Your wedding video should tell your story.


Video gives you the sounds and movements that you don't get in photos and you'll want to watch your wedding video over and over again.


Your family and friends will love watching and sharing your special day with a video that captures all the love and tears from the start of your marriage. 

Hi I’m brandi!


I am a huge fan of being outdoors & love traveling with an equal balance of enjoying great food, good conversations and creating art.


I know not everyone wants a traditional wedding, and that’s OK! I think everyone deserves to get married however and wherever they want. Whether you’re in the middle of the mountains or vaulted ceiling church in the city, you can start your marriage journey that fits you!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer
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Videography pricing


Pricing for wedding and elopement videography starts at $1500.


To find out more information please

contact me through the form on my website.


I want to make sure that we are a great fit

and that i can accommodate what you are

looking for in a videographer & photographer.


How it works


contact me


start planning


have an amazing wedding day


enjoy your beautiful video & photos

Kansas city wedding photographer_edited.jpg
Kansas City Wedding photographer_edited.jpg
Kansas City Wedding Photographer_edited.jpg
Kansas City Wedding Photographer_edited.jpg
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