What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding photography is about capturing who you are, what you do and what makes you and your brand unique.

Look closely... are people seeing what you want them to see?

Taking care of your digital footprint is a golden opportunity to get more customers, attract potential employers and increase your business.

If you are someone who has already leveraged social media by organically growing a base, a shoot will significantly enhance your brand. If you are at the beginning stages of starting your business, having the right imagery is an imperative step to help send the proper message to your clients.

This is an investment in you and your business that can be the difference between standing out or merely becoming part of the crowd.

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Social Media By Lauren is a social media management company that specializes in overall social media management for small businesses in Southwest Missouri! Owner, Lauren Holder, is on a mission is to ease the stress of social media management for small business owners while boosting their brand and overall presence. She knows that time and money is limited, that is why she provides cost-sensitive social media management options for small business owners of all kinds! Learn more about her services here!


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Finding the perfect words, mood, colors and values your brand stands for can take time. There are so many little details that go into your brand... including your image! Branding photos can help give consumers an idea of who you are and the tone you are trying to convey on your website, advertisements and more!

My own branding identity is about connection and passion. I love people, their stories and getting to know them. I’ve always used my camera as a tool to connect with the people around me. My factor that I bring to my brand is connecting with my clients in a deep and meaningful way, which allows their own authentic selves to shine. I can see what someone else’s X factor is in front of the camera and can think creatively and wisely to help them find unique and effective photos to let their audience see it as well!


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