Meet Kaitlyn - a 5th-grade school teacher and one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Meet Ethan - a pre-med student with a more serious, yet kind personality.

Together, they are the perfect couple who got married on June 5, 2022, the ideal summer day, surrounded by their loved ones.

My favorite moment was Kaitlyn and Ethan's "first look" which included holding hands on the opposite sides of a beautiful tree while they exchanged gifts. He gifted her a personalized voice message from one of her friends and a personalized song. She gifted him a very special book which he held onto closely.

Their ceremony outside couldn't have been more beautiful. Everything from the weather to Ethan's brother serenading their guests was simply magical. The reception located in the glass-doored pavilion was perfect for dancing the night away.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn and Ethan. Sending you all the love and joy for your new adventure as Mr. and Mrs.!


I do. This phrase is used for a variety of things, but it is most important on the day you choose to become one.

Weddings are the absolute best thing to capture. The emotions, excitement, and pure joy that comes with this day is the reason I love to capture them.

I get to capture the start of something new and beautiful.

Hanna & Casey Wagoner were no exception. This day was magic & beautiful. It was classic, timeless, and personal. The love between these two is most certainly evident.

They got married in a Catholic church, socially distanced of course. Then ended the night with a beautiful reception but not without taking a drive in Casey's red Mustang that him and his dad restored together.

The church was decorated in a cream color with greenery. It was exquisite. They exchanged vows and made the whole room just light up with their love.

The reception was a down right party. Just like the ceremony, there were hints of greenery and cream wherever you looked. They danced the night away with their family, friends, and all of the dances one takes. Their first dance being my favorite. There was laughter, games, and cake. Lots of cake.

This wedding was nothing short of amazing. Casey & Hanna, I wish you nothing but the best.

With love.